Established in 1910, Goenka Group has been a promising brand in the mining industry. The Legacy of its founder, Mr Sukhdeo Prasad Goenka, has ensured that the company’s portfolio includes world-class competitive operations, development projects and resources.

Today, S. Goenka Lime & Chemicals Limited (SGLCL) is a leading mining company in India. At S. Goenka Lime & Chemicals Limited, we are working to make our dream a reality – combining integrity, creativity and smart innovation, with the utmost consideration for our people, their families, local communities, our customers and the world at large – to better connect the resources in the ground to the people who need and value them.

With over 40 mines in India across 7+ cities, we have endeavoured to provide the best quality raw material, ore and services. Currently with our main supply to the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, our long-term goal of a sustainably growing to cater the world, remains. Following the decades of consistent and successful progress, we are now focused on consolidating our growth and advancing our conduit in order to deliver further growth in the years ahead and establish the company as a leading force in mining on the national and global platform.

Our continuing success is a tribute to the long-term nature of our strategy, the skills and dedication of our people and the ongoing support of our stakeholders. With our channels continuing to advance, and extensive consolidation activities currently underway, we are well-positioned to seize future opportunities.



Our leaders lead from the front and set the best examples by living the Company values, where safety is first, people a priority. As they strive to make the place operationally excellent while working with integrity.

About the Founder (s)

Mr. Anand Goenka

A founder chairman of the company par excellence, Mr. Anand Goenka did his post
graduation in Commerce in 1975, LLB in 1979 and M.A. in 1980. After his post-graduation, he actively involved himself in his 70 years old ancestral business of mining, manufacturing and trading of minerals. He brings extensive experience leading teams and delivering production while implementing safety culture programs and improving diversity. He is not only qualified but have sound business acumen, rich and varied experience of handling sizeable work volume with innate panache. Under his able guidance, the company’s turnover and profits are increasing at rapid pace.
He has authored “Khan and Khanij Vidhan book” which is well received by the mineral industry.

Our Leading Team

Mr. Ashok Goenka

Mr. Ashok Goenka has been driven by curiosity and innovation, without being complacent. This was possible because of a framework that he ideated and studied in-depth when moving to the mining industry. As a result, he earned the chance to spearhead numerous business domain initiatives. His blend of customer-centric approach, business acumen and tech-savviness have helped the tremendous growth that the company is witnessing.

Mr. Ashish Goenka

Armed with a degree in Economics from University of Delhi, Mr. Ashish Goenka has successfully imbibed diverse management functions, techniques and leadership skills to help the company grow.
He has integrated his innovation and passion to facilitate business growth across verticals. Through the dynamic development framework, he has been an impactful contributor, a change agent, and a successful leader. As an enterprising leader with a global perspective, he has contributed immensely to achieve the vision of the company.

Our Team of Collaborators

At the heart of SGLCL business is the talented team of employees and contractors across the country who represent diversity across myriad demographics. In addition to embracing this diversity, we aim to create a workplace culture that fosters leaders and enables all to succeed in their positions and grow in their careers. Our people create value in the products we mine, so we invest in ensuring a safe and respectful work environment while providing the training and tools needed to achieve a safe environment. Our people are our ambassadors in the communities where they live and work. They act with integrity, trust and respect while being responsible stewards of the environment, serving as role models in safety in the workplace and in their communities.
The executives of our management team have broad experience in both mining and many other industries. They bring unique qualifications, interests and viewpoints to SGLCL and operate with dedication and hard work.